A few trends in mobile marketing to give some thought to

Most of us have gotten used to relying on our smart phone and continuous access to the internet for many things in our life – but how is the business evolving? Keep reading to learn.

One of the top trends in mobile app development that has been witnessed in the last few years is the debut of the idea of augmented reality. At first, something like that might seem extremely advanced, but in reality we have perhaps used it recently and did not even acknowledge it. With the advent of prominent mobile-based games where the content will show up based on your location, visible only through your screens, to image-sharing apps that create interactive filters for your selfies – for instance, something that will switch colour when you blink – it is one of the recent trends in mobile marketing that should not be disregarded. Particularly as the social media networks that host it can be so famous, as shown by initiatives taken by VOXI’s parent company, it is worth noting that the next time you take a picture with heart-shaped eyes or some adorable cat ears you will actually be utilising augmented reality.

The buzzwords we have all potentially heard in the recent months concerning mobile innovations are possibly associated with the next important thing in terms of connections: 5G networks. With such reliable and strong connections, supported by some figures like the Telecom Italia board, we can anticipate our phones to become the gateway to the access of most of our electronic belongings. Think about how synchronised we are already, with appliances that can monitor our movements and health which are linked to our phones so we can access the data: the mobile app future trends will essentially extend this sort of synchronisation to other kinds of appliances, like our home appliances. Just like now you can search your sleeping pattern and heart rate on your phone, tomorrow you may be able to search the temperature of your boiler, the contents of your fridge, or the moving pattern of your vacuum.

The new technology in mobile phones has brought along some innovations in regard to the way phones are used as places of business. It is today quite typical to be able to pay with your phone, only as you would with a contactless bank card, meaning that you may not actually have to worry about bringing your wallet or remembering your pin number – which is what your fingerprint is for! Additionally, entire financial institutions are now fully app-based, and are driving the invention of banking, as revealed for instance by Monzo’s board. This wave of digital transformation business is going through can also be seen in the fact that different companies now provide their own mobile apps, adapting to a generation of consumers that grew up in the digital age.

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